Daily Prompt: Musical

Daily Prompt: Musical.

For me music is all-round 😛

Eros Noi We love to go to a live concert of Eros Ramazzotti and this year he will be in Belgium during his NOI WORLD TOUR 2013 for a live concert in Brussels  on my birthday 🙂

He already made great hits and together with artists like Tina Turner, Cher, Luciano Pavarotti, Ricky Martin, Joe Cocker and Anastacia.

But we also love the music braught by: Nightingale. They are a group of 8 singers / musicians, all students conservatory in Belgium or the Netherlands. They provide a creative, professional support all kinds of occasions. My favorit songs are: Think of my – A.-L. Webber, Watermark – Enya, Canon in D – Pachelbell, Palladio – K. Jenkins

On 17/10/2009 Nightingale programmed “Originalé” for Cunina. Cunina is a Flemish association who give children and young people from the South an opportunity to education through individual sponsorship and projects around education. Cunina operates in five partner countries: Nepal, Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines and South Africa.

And during Eric’s stay in hospital, we met Leen, a young singer in a group, called: “silent reason”. So we invited them to sing for us at a concert nearby and we enjoyed it.

Our favorit song: HERO

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