Daily Prompt: Writing Room

Daily Prompt: Writing Room.

Well, that isn’t difficult at all 🙂

Once a year, we visit during short holiday our favorit island: La Palma. This year I will never forget because I put all our lovely moments on this blog: http://vakantielapalma.wordpress.com/

At the 5the flour in our hotel, Hacienda San Jorge, is my special writing room at the balcony with view on the sea and the harbor of Santa Cruz. You can enjoy the nice weather while hearing the wind in the top of the palmtrees, the births and the screaming of a parrot.

But when you are really lucky, you can visit the highest point: the “Roque de los Muchachos” – altitude: 2426m. It’s the most amazing place I visited and when the sun is shining you can sit on the rocks and enjoy encredible views. Imagine this will be your writing room 😛

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