Daily Prompt: All About Me

Daily Prompt: All About Me.


Great subject: now I can finaly speak about the most intense trip that we experienced.

February 2012 we traveled with Cunina to the Philippines. Together with some 20 others we made a familiarization trip. We met the poor, but very hospitable and hopeful people, local Cunina projects and managers and also enjoyed some tourist attractions. But the most-most important thing for us was meeting our godchild Sherlyn who is now 16.

Due to Cunina many children go to school and get hope for a better future. Because that’s Cunina’s statement: “every child has a right to high-quality education”. This certified Flemish development aid organization is committed to improving the access to and the quality of primary and secondary school partners in the South, irrespective of any political, religious or social beliefs. At the moment they are working in 5 countries: Brazil, Haiti, Nepal, Philippines and South Africa.

Want to know more then you can always take a look at the website: http://www.cunina.org/en

This trip motivated me by telling so you realize that help is needed and indeed makes the difference.

In the Philippines they all called me “Tita Rita” so this explains the name of my blog.

Happy reading
Tita Rita


I am still working on it but you can take a look already: http://titarita2012.wordpress.com/about/

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