Daily Post: Seasons


In Belgium we are in the top half of the planet Earth : we are in the northern hemisphere.
Spring: March until May : According to statistics, the spring temperature became 3 ° C higher than in the beginning of the measurements (1833)
Summer: June until August  and Fall: September 1 until November: In summer and autumn the temperature rises gradually , by 0.3 ° C per decade
Winter: December until February: The greatest variation is in the winter with an increase of 0.1 ° C per decade.
Increasing signs and observations indicate a climate change : The rain increases by 5 mm per decade. Compared with the beginning of the 50’s are the average days doubled with rain per year. In summer there are more intense  thunderstorms and in winter there is significantly less snowfall observed.
Rare landscapes for the future in Belgium :

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